Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Long 20

Actually it was 20.14 miles in 2 hours and 47 minutes. I got a late start around 4:40 because I was busy all day. I was almost out the door when I discovered a leak in my water bladder backpack. I did a quick patch with super glue and packing tape. I had to do a larger loop on my run which took me up along the highway. After my run I found out that my family drove by in the car on their way home from the city but they were afraid to honk at me for fear that I might get startled and wander into the road or the ditch. The highway actually has a good 6 foot shoulder as opposed to some of the other county roads with zero shoulder and speeding cars. The longer route helped me avoid the worst of the dog houses. It was around 55 degrees for the whole run. The sun went down at 6:43 and I still had another 40 minutes that I was running after that. It was pretty dark without many streetlights for my last two miles. I had a reflector belt on but I was also wearing sunglasses. I did it! now I am supposed to taper down in distance until the NYC Marathon. On the 18th I will run the KC Half Marathon, which still fits in with the taper schedule which puts that day as a 14 mile run.

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