Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Finger Knit First - Twisted

So, with a lot of emails and waiting I finally have confirmation that the NYRR (New York Road Runners - who run the NYC Marathon) will allow me to do something with my hands involving yarn, but with the restrictions that everyone is held to by the NYPD because of security protocol.
NO needles.
OK, I am willing to try anything. I had recently learned the arm-knitting trick, but had decided that it would be too awkward on a run. Yes, I know, knitting while running at all is kind of an extreme in awkwardness according to most people. I am always excited to learn something new. If arm knitting works, why not finger-knitting?
Yes, I know, finger-knitting is already out there, but what I see everyone doing is a four stitch finger-loom knit thing. I don't think that will make anything of substance, just a cord thingy. So with a few experiments I have been coming up with my own method where I use my fingers - as if they were - needles. Here is my first attempt.
Yes, it is messed up. But I like it. My natural tendency was to flip the loops from finger to finger thus making a sort of twisted stockinette fabric. This is 12 stitches across. 12 loops that I was able to hold on my finger and work with. I used Lion Brand Hometown USA super bulky 6 size. I like how the twists help close up the gauge a little.