Saturday, April 12, 2014

Changing Weights

I did a little experiment using a #4 weight worsted wool. The gauge is pretty large and open using my fingers. I think it works well enough if you just let the stockinette stitch curl up like a tube for a loose scarf. I think I will stick with the heavier weight yarn.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Finger Knitting Deluxe

I have done many more experiments with finger knitting using my new methods where I use my fingers like needles by putting loops directly onto my index fingers and transferring them to the finger on my other hand. I have figured out how to not do a twisted stitch. I can do purl stitches, knit stitches, stockinette, garter stitch all with my fingers. I am using Lion Brand WoolEase Thick and Quick super bulky 6 weight. I made a youtube video to show the process as proof of concept.
I am trying to see if it is practical to knit words into a scarf. I think that it would show really well for the run. I am still wondering if it makes sense to do stockinette because it curls up and you don't get a sense of the width of the scarf involved. This method of finger knitting is only really impressive when you see how many more stitches you can get than the traditional four.