Friday, September 5, 2014

Catching Up With Training Schedule

The Athletes To End Alzheimer's NYC team has a training schedule, which I had neglected to look at. I realized that I was behind and needed to catch up with some longer runs. The schedule has for Saturday a run of 15 to 17 miles. So for today I plotted out a big loop from my house that is 14.5 miles. This involved country roads and one section where cars were going 50+ mph and no shoulder. Most drivers were cool and moved over in the lane to give me more room. Some were not so helpful. But I didn't get hit, yea! There is one spot on the run where I run past a rural property where 2 dogs came running out and harassed me. It was a large golden retriever and a collie. I just kept running and they didn't get too close. The whole run took me 2 hours and 6 minutes. That is an average of 8 3/4 minute miles.

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