Thursday, May 15, 2014

Running With Athletes To End Alzheimer's

I took advantage of my being in NYC with students to go on a training run with the NYC Athletes To End Alzheimer's group on Wednesday night in Central Park. We met at the running store at Columbus Circle. I brought one of my students with me because running in Central Park is an awesome touristy thing to do. I got to meet Elizabeth Hodges of ATEA NYC for the first time. She has been very helpful in negotiating and communicating with the NYRR to ensure that I can do knitting while running the NYC Marathon this November. I don't live in NYC, or even close, so I won't be able to take advantage of the awesome training program and support that is available there in the city. It was great to meet a few of the people who are on the team. I did not knit on this run, this was all about my first introduction. We did a 6 mile run in good time. I didn't remember everyone's name, but I ran with Amanda, who plays the Mermaid, and some twin women. It was a nice cool evening. I love running in New York and am super excited for the Marathon. Be sure to make a donation for Alzheimer's!
Here is a link to my fundraising page:

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