Saturday, May 17, 2014

First Finger-Knitting Run in NYC

I took the opportunity to try finger-knitting while running for the first time while I was in NYC in Central Park. I ran the same loop that I did Wednesday with the ATEA group, running it just once so it would have been 5 miles. I ran about a mile without knitting first to get warmed up and then pulled up the yarn from my waist pack in front. I decided to try a garter stitch which means that without turning the work I had to both knit and purl. It worked wonderfully. I really got into it and enjoyed the run. On the run I saw Amanda, the little mermaid, from the Wednesday running group. I called out to her and we ran a little together. She said she should have known it was me, but at the time my knitting was still small enough that she couldn't see it from behind as she passed me. I stopped my run when I finished the scarf just past the crossover below the angel fountain. That's when I realized that I was late for my check-out at the hostel. If people didn't notice me knitting I am sure that they wondered why I was running with a scarf in my hands on a warm morning.

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